Fulfil your dream of working as a driver

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Permissions and experience. Free of charge.

If you decide to work for a selected carrier they will pay for the costs of the driving lessons and the professional driver license and will provide work experience.

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Get a well-paid job

After receiving your permissions you will instantly start your job in which you can gain a very competitive salary. A great alternative to labour emigration

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Transport is a guarantee of employment for years to come

Poland is a global power when it comes to transport. Became a part of it.

  • The level of carrying out European transport

    The level of carrying out European transport

  • We have modern fleets of safe vehicles

    We have modern fleets of safe vehicles

  • We employ nearly 1 million people and manufacture 6% PKB

    We employ nearly 1 million people and manufacture 6% PKB

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Experience the adventure of a lifetime
behind the wheel of a truck

Working as a driver is the freedom of life on the road, independence, seeing interesting places. You will become part of the truckers' community and make interesting acquaintances.

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About us

We belong to the Trans.eu Group which for 14 years has been supporting the development of transport industry by providing tools, services and solutions. The TransJobs.eu project has been created in response to the needs of employers related to lack or difficult access to specialists on the market.

Our mission is supporting the transport industry by improving the quality of drivers' work , increasing their qualification and reputation of their profession. We also want the best employers to employ the best employees and that the labour market in the TSL industry is Smart&Fair.